Does Probiotics Help People with Diabetes?

Diabetes is not just about high blood glucose levels. it is a much more complicated disease which, if not controlled effectively, will lead to conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, digestive disorders, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy, amongst a host of other conditions. Hence, experts are always on the lookout for something natural that can help manage the condition in an effective manner. In this article, let us understand the role of probiotics in treating and managing diabetes.

So, come and join us for the article “Does Probiotics Help People with Diabetes?”

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are the bacteria, viruses, yeasts, as well as other microorganisms which are considered healthy for the gut. There are a number of probiotic supplements that we get in the market. However, the best form of taking in this healthy form of bacteria are the natural food sources such as yogurt, pickles, etc. which contain these.


Probiotics and Diabetes

It has always been known that there is a strong connection between diabetes and probiotics. While foods high in probiotics always make us healthier, there are food choices which are not as good. It is believed that the good bacteria should comprise at least 80 percent of the total bacteria that is found in the gut.

The probiotics are known to bring positive changes in the metabolism of the body which is often damaged due to diabetes. As per a research conducted by the experts at Lough-borough University, probiotics can help to prevent insulin resistance in people who suffer from diabetes. Besides, these are known to stabilize the levels of blood glucose in a better way by effectively managing the same. Thus, probiotics, in its various forms, does help people with diabetes. More specifically, the benefits of probiotics for diabetes is explained in the section below.

Benefits of Probiotics for Diabetes

Probiotics have always been known to impart a lot of health benefits to humans. In this section, let us understand the benefits of probiotics for those who have diabetes:

  • When you have diabetes, you often experience problems with your digestive tract. Probiotics smoothen the same and that is how you can manage diabetes in a better way.
  • Probiotics are also needed to strengthen the immune system of the body. Auto-immune disorders, such as diabetes, are mainly caused when the immune system of the body is disrupted. Probiotics can help achieve a strong immune system and thereby helps in better diabetes management.
  • You can also use these probiotics to prevent the infections caused in the urinary tract which is a very common complication in diabetes
  • According to a research conducted by the Stanford University in 2006, the health of the gut in people with a healthy weight often differs from those who are obese. Taking probiotics can help you lose weight and if you have had weight loss surgery, you can maintain the same when you take probiotics in its various forms
  • Besides, when you take probiotics as part of your daily diet, you can experience a reduction in the levels of bad cholesterol which is an important way of managing diabetes in an effective manner
  • Besides, the levels of HbA1c is also reduced when you take probiotics on a daily basis. Not only that, it ensures that you have stable levels of blood pressure and that is how you can better manage your condition.
  • It is also known that probiotics help to manage diabetes in an effective manner as it facilitates better glucose metabolism.
  • Finally, by promoting good gut bacteria, it has also been proved that probiotics help to increase insulin sensitivity of the body. Resistance to insulin, as we know, is the reason why you experience elevated levels of blood glucose.

Thus, you can definitely take probiotics if you are diabetic unless your diabetes doctor has prescribed otherwise.


Examples of Probiotic Foods

Natural foods which are considered best as a probiotic for diabetes are as follows:


There are many varieties of yogurt that you can choose from such as the Greek yogurt and the Middle Eastern Labneh, amongst a host of others. Yogurt is considered one of the best sources of healthy and good bacteria.


This food is known to contain a host of gut-friendly bacteria’s and is also low in the total carbohydrate content.


It is a form of a cabbage salad and is often very spicy. Full of fiber and with a low carbohydrate content, this Korean food item is an excellent probiotic for all the diabetes patients.


Not only is kefir a storehouse of healthy bacteria, but this form of yogurt is really delicious too.


The Japanese food item is another important natural source of probiotics. It also has abundant amounts of vitamin K which is healthy if you have diabetes. It is made from fermented soybeans and makes for an excellent probiotic.


Another important source of probiotics found naturally include cottage cheese, buttermilk, miso, amongst others

Apart from the above-mentioned natural sources of probiotics, there are a lot of supplements that are found in the market. You should always consult your medical doctor before taking in the same.

We hope that the above article has been helpful in improving your understanding about diabetes and probiotics. Probiotics are the good bacteria that your body needs and certainly can prove beneficial for the diabetes patients. However, you should definitely consult your doctor before taking probiotics!!

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