Diabetes and Pizza

Diabetes and Pizza: Can Diabetics Eat Pizza?

When a person suffers from diabetes, he or she is always worried of everything that he or she eats. The disease is complicated and even a slight mistake as far as diet is concerned could be disastrous and damaging on the health. One such concern is about the inclusion of pizza in the diabetes meal plan.

In this article, we shall deep dive and see if a person suffering from diabetes can have pizza it will be good or bad.

So, join in for the article “Diabetes and Pizza: Can Diabetics Eat Pizza?”

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Diabetes and Pizza

Risks Associated with Eating Pizza for Diabetics

Let us look into the risks which eating of pizza can have in a person who suffers from diabetes:

  • The crust of the pizza we love is made up of white flour. This white flour is rich in refined carbohydrates, something which is not considered healthy for diabetes patients.
  • The crust of the pizza can give rise to the blood sugar levels of the body.
  • Besides, the pizza we get in restaurants and fast food joints usually contain a lot of cheese. Cheese, can come in the way of healthy weight management and hence, pizza should be avoided. Besides, cheese is also known to contain too much of sugar, again not a healthy option for the diabetics.
  • Pizza also tends to have very unhealthy toppings comprising meat, sausages, pepperoni, too much of salt, etc. which is really something that people suffering from diabetes should ideally avoid.

Thus, pizza is not a very healthy option for the diabetics. However, it also depends on what type of pizza you are eating. If you can manage a pizza with a thin dough, light cheese, and healthy toppings, the fast food can be incorporated into your diet. The following paragraph explains some of the guidelines that you should keep in mind while you think of including pizza in your meal plan.

Diabetes and Pizza

Tips to Keep in Mind if You Want to Include Pizza In your Diet

As mentioned above, you can certainly include pizza in your diet. Having said that, you need to be careful about a few things and there are a few tips that you should follow regarding the same. The tips include:

  • Whenever possible, you should order pizza made out of whole wheat.
  • Order thin crust pizza to the maximum possible extent
  • Also, check and match the total insulin that you are taking per the pizza
  • Since cheese is a good source of calcium, you need not eliminate it altogether. You can order a pizza which has a light cheese topping
  • Also, it is extremely important that you limit the total amount of the pizza that you are eating. A maximum of two slices of pizza is recommended at one time
  • Also, try to include pizza only a couple of times in one month
  • If you are looking for exciting toppings of your choice, it is always advisable that in case of any meat, you should better go for chicken and avoid taking pepperoni.
  • Whenever you are eating pizza, count the total carbohydrates that you are taking and try to balance the same out. You should be careful not to take in more than the recommended quantity of carbohydrates in one meal.
  • You can balance your meal out by adding salads comprising green, leafy vegetables as well as by adding fruits. Some of the vegetables that you can order as part of your pizza are broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, and mushrooms. The carbohydrates in these vegetables will help to balance out the ones present in your pizza.
  • Watch out for your weight and total cholesterol when you have included pizza in your meal plan.
  • Finally, you can make your own pizza at home. Not only the base can be healthy, you can top the home-made pizza with healthier options.
Diabetes and Pizza

Thus, as seen above, following a few simple tips can help you in including your favorite fast food as part of your diet. However, the basic thing is, like in case of all other food items, the advice of a medical expert is absolutely necessary. You need to consult your diabetes doctor before including pizza in your meal plan.

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Bottom Line

We hope that the above post has been helpful in answering most of the questions related to the topic diabetes and pizza. We also hope that we have been able to establish proper guidelines for all those diabetes patients who want to include their favorite snack in their meal plan. As is clear from the article, pizza can be included in the diabetes meal plan as long as the doctors so advice and as long as the patients continue to follow the basic tips and guidelines!

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